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youthwork links and ideas

Teen Sites - Created by Teens for Teens

boy Close Up The life of an Australian exchange student

boy #1 TeenScene Chat This javachat brings teens, preteens, and kids together. You can chat about anything from music, life, sports, hobbies, whatever

boy SORTED? On Line The web site of the youth produced and youth oriented English magazine of the same name

boy Somazone This web site was designed by young people in conjunction with the Australian Drug Foundation to promote an exploration of health, lifestyle and legal issues for young people

boy Aiora - A Website for Teens Cool teen website with music, movies, celebs, advice, beauty, fashion, goss, free stuff, links and heaps more!

boy Kids and Teens Resources A place for young people to come to find out information & resources regarding a wide range of topics

boy Wyndham City Council - Youth Services Website A website created by the Youth of Wyndham with lots of fun stuff to do, as well as usefull resources, support & event information


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