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youthwork links and ideas


boy Indicates sites created by young people

Safer Sex      

boy SEX, etc Talks about love, sex, abstinence, contraception, AIDS, STDs, drugs and drinking, violence and health topics, just to name a few

boy birdsandbees.org This website, created by a teen, is dedicated to all those who seek information needed to make informed decisions about sexual health, emotional well-being, and lifetime goals

Teen Health Home Page Information on sexuality topics which teens have identified as important

Coalition For Positive Sexuality You have the right to complete and honest sex education. Demand information from your school, healthcare provider and parents

iwannaknow.org Excellent information about sexually transmitted diseases

teenwire Explicit information about sex and relationships from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Young Men and Puberty Excellent information about all the changes that effect young men during puberty

Young Women and Puberty Excellent information about all the changes that effect young women during puberty

boy TEEN 411 A fun place to get information on sexual health

Sex: Are you thinking about it enough? If you are under 18 and want information about anything to do with sex, relationships, or contraception, this site is for you

Sexualityandu.ca The ultimate Canadian web site devoted to sexuality education and information. Our site provides credible and reliable information on the topics that are most important to you. From Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) to contraception awareness, lifestyle choices to talking about sex, we offer you guidance and advice that will help you develop and maintain a healthy sexuality

Chlamydia Information on prevention and treatment of this STD

Playing Safely The NHS guide to sexually transmitted infections

Scarleteen: Sex Education for the Real World Providing information which educates in ALL aspects of positive sexuality, including birth control, safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases, masturbation and self-pleasuring, anatomy, diverse sexual orientation and identification, sexual and romantic relationship and communication tools, and care and compassion in sexual technique and practice

likeitis.org Gives young people access to information about all aspects of sex education and teenage life.Topics on the likeitis site include: teenage pregnancy, help and advice, periods, lovebugs (sexually transmitted infections), sex, peer pressure, sexuality, contraception, emergency contraception and puberty


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