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Miscellaneous Information

boy Indicates sites created by young people

Teens Only Collection of information on many subjects

Teen City Central A site for teens developed by Streetcats Foundation

Youth Information Services South Africa's youth information gateway. Here you will find answers to all your questions... drugs, sex, careers, the law, hotlinks to hundreds of local and international web sites aimed at young people and much, much more. Good information for youth everywhere

MEGASCENE The hottest Virtual Community for under 18's

Cyber-Youth Network The Internet community and online resource for America's urban youth

The Youth Information Service This site is made for young people in England but everyone can find useful information

Lawstuff Information about rights and laws pertaining to Australian young people

Your Turn: Where Kids Do The Talking Court TV's public service program that works jointly with local cable affiliates throughout the country to bring teenagers and community leaders together to discuss a legal or social issue of particular significance to their community and the national television audience

youthinformation.com The information toolkit for young people and those who work with them

iamnext.com An interactive, virtual community for teenagers, existing to offer a positive alternative to the much publicized violence, and destructive behavior in high schools

RD4U The Youth Involvement Project is here to support young people, aged 12 - 18, after the death of someone close to them. We believe that the best way of doing this is to involve young people in planning, developing and delivering services

Housemate Aimed at young people and at anyone that works with young people in a professional or caring capacity. This site accompanies free primary and secondary teachers' materials on housing and homelessness produced by Shelter

MediaWatch Youth On this site you will find a variety of information sources and research that explain how the media has a negative influence. You will also learn how to get active and create change in your community

European Youth Portal If you are thinking of going to another European country to study or work, or on holiday... if you are looking for activities or opportunities in Europe... if you have something to say, or ask, about European issues, this portal could be a good place to start

Ytribune Young news for young people


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