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boy Indicates sites created by young people

Depression Eating Disorders Suicide  

Warning Signs of Youth Violence To help youth proactively address the problem of violence, APA and MTV have teamed up to provide youth with information about identifying the warning signs of violent behavior and how to get help if they recognize these signs in themselves or their peers

Adolescent Life Events Survey Take this survey and compare your stress level to that of the average Australian youth

Reach Out A site for young people to explore their thoughts and feelings

@ease An interactive web site for young people sponsored by the UK National Schizophrenia Fellowship

Change Your Mind (about mental health) This site discusses mental health for teenagers and dispels many myths and misconceptions

YoungMinds Information about mental health and ways to seek help

boy The Lounge What positive mental health is, what issues and situations effect your mental health, and how you can look after your mental health

Teen OCD A mail list for teens with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

For Kids and Teens Articles games and book reviews for children and adolescents interested in understanding mental health issues

Autism A good introduction to this developmental disorder

Embrace the Future A program developed in collaboration with Young People to educate Young People from 10 to 24 years of age in skills & strategies to assist in the development & maintenance of positive mental health & well-being


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