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youthwork links and ideas


boy Indicates sites created by young people

boy New Teen Drivers' Homepage I thought as a community service, I'd collect some tips that new drivers might find helpful and make it available on the web. I've tried to verify each tip with at least two sources. But you should always check this and any other driving advice with your parents or local traffic authority

boy Teen Consumer Scrapbook Information about everything from Apartment Renting to Telemarketers. Created by teens at Ellensburg High School

The Ansell Casey Life Skills Assessment Assess your own readiness for independent living

Preparing for Independent Living Suggestions Suggestions to help ease the transition from foster care dependency to independent living

boy Youth Leadership Advisory Team Handbook Things you need to know prepared by a group of Maine youth in foster care

Housemate This site looks at some of the big questions about young people and housing and homelessness


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