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boy Indicates sites created by young people

Chronic Illness Diabetes Exercise and Fitness Nutrition

Teen Health Home Page The purpose of the Teen Health Web Site is to provide public access to a wide range of health and medical information, not to give medical advice or interpretation. Our aim is to promote individual responsibility for health . Information provided by the "Teen Health Web Site" does not imply recommendation or endorsement. It is not a substitute for consultation with a health professional

boyMAKE A NOISE A variety of health topics: sex; drugs; eating disorders; mental health; etc.

boy CYBERISLE A site which gives you information to make your own decision about smoking. Created by teens for teens

Bandaids and Blackboards Information for teens with medical problems

zap health ; when you can't ask mom Information about sex, drugs, alcohol, mental health, skin problems, sports injuries, weight problems, family issues and more

boy EYiE A place where young people from 14 countries, speaking 11 languages have come together to contribute information about epilepsy and youth

THINK Teenage Health Interactive Network is here to serve you, the teenger in learning and talking about your health

Mind, Body & Soul This site has accurate and up-to-date information about health so that you can make your own choices. It also contains material that you will help with your schoolwork

Teenage Health Freak This lively site is written by two doctors and can answer just about any question

boy SomaZonE A website aimed at 14-18 year olds. It is designed to provide information about health questions

Acne.org A noncommercial site which offers information on acne and gives some sound advice on treatment

StudentHealth.co.uk The site is split into categories such as sexual health, skin complaints, respiratory problems and sections on travel, sports injuries and men's and women's health. It is updated weekly and offers printable advice leaflets on topical and student related issues

TeensHealth A safe, private place that's accessible 24 hours a day to get the doctor-approved info you need to understand the changes that you (or your friends) may be going through - and to make educated decisions about your life

TeenHealthFX Provides a fun way to get factual health and medical information

TeenGrowth Offers a secure environment to search for, request and receive valuable health care information on topics such as alcohol, drugs, emotions, health, family, friends, school, sex and sports

Just For Teens: a special page for Teens who stutter Lots of links to helpful information

Gay Lesgian Bisexual Transgender Health Webpages There are some health issues that affect GLBT youth somewhat differently than other youth. The GLBT Youth webpages are designed to address some of those issues

International Association for Adolescent Health This site is for youth about youth health issues. We bring to you some interesting sites and information from around the world, and fully intend on bringing you new information from more places


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