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youthwork links and ideas


boy Indicates sites created by young people

Five Minutes to Midnight A monthly zine dedicated to letting youth speak out on issues related to national or international politics

boy Exposure Online version of the magazine created by Haringey Youth Publishing Project

boy yomag.net A European ezine created by young consumers

Spank: Youth Culture Online An ezine with fun and thought provoking articles

boy YO! (Youth Outlook) A bi-monthly news-journal of youth culture produced by young people in the San Francisco Bay Area for Pacific News Service. YO!'s purpose is to help young people develop a public voice and thereby a sense of connection with the larger society and with each other

boy Oasis The only online magazine for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth. Each month Oasis brings you news and entertainment written by and about queer youth. It's a desert out there, so come to the Oasis!

boy Techno Teen A variety of topics, by and for teens

boyoblivion Devoted to youth rights

gURL Articles, information and interactive content for girls

SORTED? On Line The web site of the youth produced and youth oriented English magazine of the same name

Foster Care Youth United An ezine of youth written articles for those in the foster care system

brainevent.com A place where kids can come together to find out about the world, flex their mental muscles, share their opinions, give voice to their musings, and be inspired to social action

Teen Tangent An Australian E-Mag devoted to gifted teens. Contribute your own creative material


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