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youthwork links and ideas


boy Indicates sites created by young people

boy Street Level Youth Media Street-Level youth use the World Wide Web, tele-conferencing and video technology as tools for education, self-expression and social change

Teen Salon Interactive Poetry Pages Collaborate with others to create poetry

Young People's Press Online A national news service for youth. We publish youth writing in over 200 newspapers including a weekly section in Canada's largest daily, The Toronto Star

boy Big Dreamers - A Site for Young Actors A place for young hopefuls, who want to 'make it', specifically in the acting business, although young dreamers of any kind are welcome here

Young Composers Publish your original compositions online and listen to those of other young people

Children's Express Children's Express gives children a significant voice in the world by: Fostering empowering experiences in which children and teens of diverse backgrounds come together to find and project their voices and to discover the significance of their own and other youth opinions and perceptions and those of their peers. Making the child's voice a powerful force by investing children with real responsibility. Amplifying youth voices, experiences and concerns to educate and inform society.

International Story Book A free youth friendly e-publisher of short stories from around the worldhttp://www.cbaa.org.au/youth/

Young Journalists This website is written by young people for young people and we need you to get involved. This website gives you the opportunity to submit articles for publication on this site. And the opportunity to submit your articles to our editorial team, for publication in local press

lip Brings smart, boisterous, engaging reading to girls who know real life is good life


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